Cheap Game Collecting #1 - Atari 2600

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Welcome to our first installment of "Cheap Game Collecting" - a blog series dedicated to helping collectors keep some change in their pockets while filling their shelves with quality games! 

For this blog entry, we want to tell you about one of the cheapest consoles to collect for right now - the Atari 2600. Every collector knows that with most big lot purchases, you get a handful of the same 2600 duds; copies of ET fill your room like stink bugs in the summer! We've experienced the same 2600 blues, but after digging through those games, we started to find some real gems with price tags that are easy on the wallet. To fit with the cheap game collecting theme, most of the games we recommend below can be had for less than $5!

First, let's get the obvious titles out of the way. Frogger, Pac-Man, Missile Command, and Centipede are basically household names when it comes to video games. These are four of the most recognizable titles for the Atari 2600, and no collection should be without them! All 4 titles can be picked up EASILY for just over $3 each. For some of the most addictive and fun games on the planet, that is a steal for any game collector! 

Next up we start to jump a little bit more into the unknown for those unfamiliar with the Atari library. Galaxian is a game that plays pretty similarly to Space Invaders, but with a movable space ship, slightly better graphics, and brighter colors. For fans of Raiden and other shmups, this is where it all began. Next time you get frustrated playing Soldier Blade on your TurboGrafx, put it down and enjoy the much simpler, and much cheaper, Galaxian, which still comes in under $5!

Haven't had your fill of space shooters from Galaxian? No problem! Jump to the later days of the Atari 2600 library with Solaris - a game that really pushes the limits of the 2600! Solaris plays similarly to Star Fox on the Super Nintendo. You navigate a ship in a 3D environment shooting at obstacles in the distance. You'll be really impressed with how much this game was able to push the graphics on the Atari 2600. This game tips the scale a bit with a price tag around $7, but it is a must grab for any Atari collector.

Ready to break out your paddle controllers? Let's jump into Warlords - the Atari's greatest party game! In Warlords, you protect your fortress as your opponents fire a block breaking ball around the map. The goal is to have the last fortress standing. With four players on the paddle controllers, this game can heat up and get competitive fast, so grab your paddle controller and start practicing! Party games like this on the Nintendo carry a hefty price tag, but lucky you - Warlords still comes in just over $3!

Lastly, if you enjoy all of our other recommendations, you should pick up Cosmic Ark. Cosmic Ark is a fast paced game with two components. In one part of game play, you protect your space ship by firing at debris which comes at you from all sides. In the next part, you go to a planet and navigate obstacles to abduct foreign life forms. You switch back and forth between these areas racking up a high score as the game gets more and more difficult. This is another unique title on the Atari 2600, and if you come across it don't pass it up! This one has an easy to manage price tag of only $2-$3!

So, to recap, next time you think about passing up an Atari 2600 console, remember that there are tons of fun games on the console that you can pick up without putting a hurt on your wallet! Check out some game play footage below to see if you might be interested in adding some of these Atari games to your collection.





Cosmic Ark

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