5 Ways To Turn Gaming Into An Income

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Do you love playing video games? What if you could make gaming more than just a hobby and turn it into an income? Making money out of gaming isn’t easy, but it is possible. Here are just a few ways to make some extra cash out of doing the thing you love.

Start a gaming Youtube channel

We’re all familiar with the likes of PewDiePie – a man who’s currently worth $20 million thanks to his Youtube channel of largely gameplay footage and reactions. Whilst creating a successful Youtube channel isn’t easy, it can be a way of making money. If you feel you’ve got the charisma and are able to put a unique slant on your channel, you could find yourself getting lots of views and some ad revenue as a result. It’s worth investing in a good camera, a decent microphone and potentially some video editing software – once you’ve got all this you can start vlogging and see where it takes you.

Get paid to game competitively

If you’re constantly at the top of leaderboards, getting into professional gaming could be a serious consideration. There are many competitive events with generous prize money. There’s also the option of fantasy leagues, which can also be big business if you know your stuff. details some of the biggest gaming prize pools just to give you an idea of the potential winnings.  

Try your hand at gambling games

There are also many online betting games in which you can potentially make money – these include poker sites and online casinos such as These aren’t a certain means of making an income and you do need to be sensible otherwise you could make huge losses. Try to join as many sites as you can and take advantage of free bets that could allow you to take home winnings without spending anything.

Get into video games testing

Getting paid to test video games may sound like a dream job to many. Whilst you do get to play video games all day, a large part of the job is also reporting bugs and putting the game through various tests. As you can imagine, this is a very competitive field and some knowledge of coding or video games development could be required. You could work for a large gaming company or you could work on a freelance basis testing smaller games – the latter is harder to make money from, but easier to get into.

Get into gaming journalism

If you’ve got a passion for writing and gaming, you could try to getting into gaming journalism. This involves playing and reviewing games as well as writing various thinkpieces and interviews that are video game related. Getting a regular slot writing for a major publication isn’t easy. Fortunately, there’s always the alternative option of blogging – you could start your own blog or write for someone else’s blog. Earning money this way isn’t easy but can be done through sponsored posts, ad revenue and affiliate pieces.

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