Awesome Retro Games You Probably Haven't Tried Round 1

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Let's face it: you're staring at a wall of games that you have never played. Maybe they are stacked in tubs in the basement; maybe they are stuffed tightly in rows on a shelf; maybe they are actually just stacked on your floor like a Jenga tower ready to fall. We've all been there. It's part of the hobby. BUT, the more games you get, the harder it is to pick just one; The more you get that paralyzing feeling that you might make the wrong choice and dump hours into a terrible game - hours that could have been spent buying more games....

I'm here to help you, so quit freaking out. I have tested thousands of games, so I can point out the ones that you would NEVER suspect are good. Hopefully, you have them sitting around somewhere and you totally forgot. If not, well then I guess you have to buy one more, but HEY - at least this one will be a goodie.

Today I present you with a game I never thought I would blog about: Turok Evolution for Game Boy Advance. I know what you're thinking: "ANOTHER @#%#% TUROK GAME?! HELL NO!" Chill. This is NOTHING like what you'd expect.

I get it - we all had the same disappointment with the first Turok. You're fighting your way through the jungles, killing MAD dinosaurs, and then you hit that point where...wait a second...where do I go next? I killed everything but...where do I go next? Oh crap...did I forget to put in my controller pak? THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE DO I GO FROM HEEEERRRREEEEEE???!!!! Let's be honest: Turok 2 and Rage Wars are in the bargain bin for a reason, so we don't need to go there.

I digress. Forget those games. Forget that awful level. Forget the money wasted in my youth...forget it all. Turok Evolution on GBA is nothing like that. It is full fledged, run and gun, side-scrolling, destroy-everything-in-your-path romp through the wilderness. Thought you had to fork over a wad of cash to play Metal Slug on...well let's face it, any console that Metal Slug is on? Nah, no need. Turok Evolution takes the Metal Slug spirit, the spine of Contra, and the heart of the Super Nintendo, and gives birth to an explosion of bullets and fury on the GBA.

Part 1 of why this game is awesome. Weapon selection. Forget picking up power ups - not a worry in this game. Once you get the gun, you hold it and gain ammo. You can change your weapons as they spin around you in the heat of battle. Massacre your enemies in hand to hand combat with a tomahawk...that is just sick.

Part two of what I said before. You kill everything. Dinosaurs, humans, dragons... hell, it doesn't seem to matter or make any sense and, frankly, that makes it so much more awesome. This game is just about destroying everything in your path, and that is how a run and gun SHOULD be.

Part three, you know the drill. This game pushes the GBA to its graphical limits. Throw this baby in the Retron 5 and you'll feel like you're playing a Super Nintendo game that was never released. You have the prototype in your possession and you hold the key to one of the greatest 16 bit run and guns of all time. Will you tell the masses? Or keep the secret all to yourself...

I could go on, but hey, I'll let some game play footage speak for itself. No need to thank me folks. Just power up the GBA and grind away. Enjoy : )






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  • In my personal opinion, just mine. Turok to me has never really been a good series, they had a good concept but, the company executed it poorly. Turok almost feels like in the back of your mind “Why oh! Why can’t they make a good Jurassic Park game!” Because Dam!! Then, they brought us Turok. THQ is something else.

    Jean-Guy Barbeau on

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