Awesome Retro Games You Probably Haven't Tried Round 2 - Another 16-Bit Fire Frenzy

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In our first installment of "Awesome Retro Games You Probably Haven't Tried", we dug deep into the library of the often-ignored Game Boy Advance and found you a diamond in the rough: Turok Evolution. We showed you that the Turok series DOES have one gem; and this side-scrolling, chaotic, run-and-gun 16-bit fire frenzy rivaled the much more graphically advanced console games of its time.

Today, we take a short jump back in time to another 16-bit run and gun. In the often celebrated library of the Super Nintendo, it isn't easy to find a hidden gem. The great games are well known, and even the not-so-greats are often bearable. But, if anyone can pull a needle out of the haystack it is the Off the Charts crew, so without further delay, I present to you: TIMESLIP

TimeSlip brings the spirit of Contra into a well-thought-out run and gun where you fight aliens with an endless supply of bullets. The programmers did it right by integrating perfect wall climbing, spicing up gameplay with side-scrolling flying stages, and developing brilliant, colorful graphics. Don't let the cheesy looking sci-fi artwork on the front fool you: TimeSlip is no kiddie game.

I'm not going to lie. This is not an easy game. In some areas you'll mow your way through enemies like paper, but when you hit the bosses, your ego will run crying into the toilet. Bosses are big, angry, and tough to beat. This helps to drive home an important fact about this game, though. TimeSlip takes the typical characteristics of great 8-bit and 16-bit flying shooters and puts them into a side-scrolling run and gun. Beautiful scrolling backgrounds; epic boss battles; endless streams of bullets; all of this and more draw a parallel between TimeSlip and classic bullet hell shooters of the 16-bit era.

As the title suggests, TimeSlip is a 16-bit fire frenzy of alien destruction and brilliant game play. It comes at a great price, so pick it up quickly while it is still a hidden gem. Check out the game play below, and then snatch up another awesome retro game that you haven't tried: TimeSlip.


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