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Family nights are the best. You get to sit down with your partner and the kids in the evening, grab a load of snacks and drinks, and have some fun playing games or watching your favourite family movies. You could decide to watch a movie marathon, play some board games and also video games. Here are some of the ultimate games for a family evening in which you have to try this weekend!

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego video games have been popular for many years now, and a lot of people have the entire collection from the original Star Wars Game. You can play this game with multiple people as you try to save the world from a threat, and you will be able to collect different superheroes along the way including Iron Man, Captain America and Deadpool! You can also use TKO Hacks to get a couple of helpful cheats to start you off with a bang.

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

If you have young children they might not have had the pleasure of playing Crash Bandicoot in their lifetimes. This game was a classic 20 years ago and remains an amazing game to play with the family to this day. The remastered trilogy is amazing and it has become harder than ever to get past those dreaded checkpoints. You can have a fun and frustrating time all at once as have a laugh together as you take turns trying to conquer the levels.

Mario Kart

For a game which all the family can play at the same time, you can count on Mario Kart to be the ideal game for you to play together. Mario Kart is a game which can create arguments, make your best friends and keep the whole family on the edge of their seats for hours and hours. The beauty of Mario Kart are the crazy tracks, colours and characters which will make you feel like a child again.

F1 Race Stars

The best possible game you can play if you fancy a chilled out racing game which involves real-life racing stars is F1 Race Stars. In this game, you will be able to play as Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and all of the other most famous racers in the world. It is a hugely fun game to play and is one which your family will love.

Portal 2

For a puzzle-solving game with a difference, Portal 2 is a great one to play as a family. You will be able to solve problems together by creating portals to move boxes and other things which will help you escape the room and move onto the next level. It can be a stressful game but definitely one which needs a team to complete.

The Simpsons Movie Game

For an oldie but a goodie, the Simpsons movie game is an awesome one for the family because you get to play as the Simpsons characters and go on crazy adventures together. It is the ultimate family video game and should definitely be one that you play with your kids this weekend!

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