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Rodea the Sky Soldier

Nintendo 3DS

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1,000 years ago, Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire set out to overtake the kingdom of Garuda. Unleashing a massive army of machine soldiers, the Naga forces set out to invade the sky of the realm. With the efforts of Princess Cecilia and the machine soldier, Rodea, the Emperor's hostile assault was halted. Now, a spirited inventor, Ion, has discovered an abandoned robot in the heart of a scorching desert. Turning out to be Rodea, he learns that the Naga Empire is no more and Garuda has known peace for a millennium. However, the peace is not meant to last, as the forces of Naga have returned.

Take to the skies as Rodea, a mechanical soldier, as you fight to defend the aerial realm of Garuda from the assault of the Naga Empire in Rodea the Sky Soldier. Soar through the clouds and traverse each level to solve puzzles, eliminate enemies and more to complete each mission. Upgrade your flight capabilities and uncover the secrets of the past and hints of the future. Defeat foes to collect Gears and Gravitons, which can be used to upgrade Rodea with new stats, abilities and weaponry. Combat the epic automations of the Empire, and dodge and weave in aerial combat to locate the monstrosities' weaknesses. Are you ready to defend Garuda from the Naga Empire?

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