About Us

Off the Charts Video Games is a family-run business started by two friends and their favorite hobby. In 2013, John and Chris started selling games online to help fund their personal game collections. While John was focusing on his NES collection, Chris was filling his shelves with more PS2 games. As their collections built, so did their online sales - to the point where it started to become a full-time business!

off the charts video games first warehouse

Off the Charts moved into our first facility in 2013 - an extra room in the back of a screen printing shop! We launched on a basic shopping cart program and diligently plugged away trying to make a business that would sell games with the quality control we expected as collectors.


With our dedication to high quality standards, we moved into our first warehouse within 3 months. We continued to work for months to refine our techniques - our proprietary cleaning process, our NES refurbishing technique, our exclusive retro repair catalog, and our shipping practices (see a day of shipping in the video below!).

As business continued to grow, so did our families! Chris had his first daughter, Macie, followed within the next year by John's first daughter, Sophie. Macie spent her early days in the store watching Disney movies from her pack n' play, but as she got older and demanded more attention, the OTC staff procedures had to become even more precise. 

Chris and John created strict quality control procedures so OTC staff can work efficiently and keep our products at the high level of performance that you expect. And our families grew into the hobby with a love of its most famous characters.

Over the years, our families have grown and so has our commitment to building one of the greatest video game sites on the web. We offer an UNRIVALED 130-day warranty on every used product we sell with a 30-day money back guarantee. We want to give our customers fantastic value, so we offer free shipping on all purchases over $20 and offer customer service far beyond that of our competitors.

So, browse with confidence knowing that you will be treated like a part of our family - from your favorite collectors at Off the Charts.

Thanks for shopping with us!