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The best place to buy retro games is Off the Charts Video Games. We have a great selection of classic 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and last gen games at prices that beat the competition. Off the Charts is run by gamers for gamers, and we understand the needs of the average collector. Loose boxes and manuals to complete your games; individual product descriptions; unique collectible figures; new and used video games; you can find it all at Off the Charts!

Excellent Trade Value

Looking to trade your retro games for something new or just something different? Off the Charts offers the best value in store credit for your trade! What does value for your trade really mean? Well, not only do we give some of the highest store credit values in the business, but we also have the most competitive game prices on the web - meaning you get the most bang for your buck when you trade in with us!

We Love Games!

When you buy from our competitors, you are just buying from a website. Sure, they have a great selection and a flashy appeal, but where is the connections with their customers? At Off the Charts, we are true gamers and collectors. Do you need a recommendation for your next game on your favorite system? Give us a call, shoot us a Facebook message, or send us an e-mail. We know these games because we PLAY games. Want to meet in person and chat about your favorite games or gaming franchise? We travel to conventions all over the East coast to sell and talk with gamers!

Unique and Unusual Items

You could go to a lot of websites and stores to find some of your favorite games, but what about unique and oddball collectibles like video game related movies, soundtracks, magazines, books, figures, clothing, and more? Off the Charts stocks our store shelves and website with everything from your classic games to oddball memorabilia you never knew existed! We even have our own unique clothing line only available at Off the Charts.

Browse in Store or Online

Not a fan of buying games online? Not a problem! We sell online, in our store located in Lansdale, PA, and at many conventions. Come visit us in our home town or when we're on the road. Want something from our store but can't make it to PA? We can send you a personalized invoice from our website or you can check our convention schedule to see when we'll be near you.

Off the Charts Video Games is more than a site that sells games. Off the Charts Video Games is owned and staffed by people who love video games, collecting, and gaming culture! All of these facts and more make OTC the BEST place to buy retro games on the web.