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Time Crisis II with Guncon 2 Boxed Set

Playstation 2

  • $39.95 USD
  • Save $10.00 USD

Bring the arcade into your home with Namco's GunCon 2 and Time Crisis II in this action-packed boxed set! Advanced light gun targeting and killer sound effects immerse you in the game. Blast away your enemies and emerge victorious in this Playstation 2 classic!

Agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter have been sent to find a missing agent. Christy Ryan was last heard from while uncovering a deceptive plan by Neodyne Industries to launch a network of military satellites. The world is in trouble, your fellow agent is in danger, and only you and a friend can stop this threat. Time Crisis 2, the arcade hit, is ready to deliver maximum impact!

Dive in today and save your fellow agent! This is your chance to be the hero. View gameplay below:

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